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Monday, December 19, 2005

home sweet home

A warm place to rest my head, a sibling to tease and yummy food in my belly... what more could I ask for? It's good to be back home.

I went to the dentist today, an occurrence which always seems to coincide with my treks back to this province, and for the first time in over 20 years, I had a cavite. The dentist's goofy double monacles over his glasses that he donned when he started to work on the filling made him look like a sadistic anime scientist-- his blue surgical gloves matched the blue anesthetic syringe. It must have been a fun day for him, since he's been staring into my mouth for a good 17 years now and hasn't found any reason for fillings (or anything else scary like root canals) until today. Call me stupid, but the most interesting part of the whole experience for me was learning that the purpose of a dental dam actually has its origins in dentistry.

this is so ridiculously random, but i have the name "shree mulay" stuck in my head and i was wondering who at mcgill had talked about her to me. was it you? or are you reading this completely convinced of my insanity?


hehehe - funny string of events, form getting here, to going to the fish market, to getting the closest equivalent to tilapia, to finding the recipe for coconut milk tilapia...

to reading about home right here :)

we'll see if I can woo one more man with my fish-cooking skills... teehee...


hey hey...
auri: shree mulay teaches at the MCRTW i believe. it wasn't me talking to you about her, but let me know if you wanna get in touch with her or anything. she does a lot of cool work.

steph: i'm waiting for your latest tilapia report... and if the recipe "works", please send it my way. my man's been wooed, but he can always be wooed some more.


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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

floating on

there's something beautiful about the stuff that makes you laugh until you cry
and the person who can make you laugh so you stop crying.

something humbling about being in the presence of those who you respect.
there's something... about dancing in the rain.
something to be said for knowing that there are people you love in this world.
something about knowing that even if you feel powerless, there's a way through with a power that knows no bounds. perhaps because you've witnessed others who've it done before in different ways...

there's something about
the joy of a raindrop
and its sorrow in a swamp*

there's something about possibility
and loss

and knowing that if you take things as they come, it could swallow you whole...
and that just might be okay.

*from Esmail Khoi's "Sketch 1", a poem reflecting on the Iranian Revolution

That just came out of nowhere.... and came out a lot more depressed-soundng than I intended. I was inspired by the quote in the book that I'm reading for a thirty page paper I'm (supposed to be) writing. I mostly just like the quote... heh...

dancing in the rain huh -

you KNOW I miss Montreal when Dj Champion brings my mind places.

sigh - French canadian boys pushing heavy loads [teehee], and impromptu [I should be 'down here' / but I'm 'way up here'] visits.

soon enough, soon enough. minus the french boys, but that won't be much of a problem.



So pretty. You should come to Bombay and give me a hug. Just because. :)


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Sunday, December 11, 2005

something about the snowfall

i could sleep all day in your arms
for a calm awakening
under the moon

we would venture outside
and breathe in the cold
blowing kisses to see your breath
and mine

a cold nose
against my cheek
and the dusty white hush of the winter city
in our ears

I'm giggling

And I'm tearing up

And we're on MSN together, so I guess I'll tell you there instead of here.

I love you babe... Synchronicity, that's all I'm going to say for now.


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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"oh my starry eyed surprise"

The December 6th Memorial commemorates the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, which happened 16 years ago and ended in the killing of 14 female engineering students at L'Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. The killer, Marc Lepine killed them specifically because they were women, in a place that he thought unfit for women to be: the engineering school. Lepine decried "feminists" before he shot the 14 women and then himself. December 6th is also a national day of action in Canada to combat violence against women.

SACOMSS holds a memorial every year, this was the second one that I had been to. There are always two speakers, one student and one professor. Then this year, as last year, there was a performance by a choir (Tonal Ecstasy) and a dance troupe (Inertia Dance Collective). Rosemary and her crew performed acapella: Everyone's Free (by Quindon Tarver) and Let Go (by Frou Frou). The speakers this year took a more impersonal angle then previous years. They chose to talk about the activism and organizing that has resulted over the past 16 years following the killings on December 6th. They talked about organizations and campaigns spawned after the massacre. People working for change in Ghana, inspired in part by Canadian December 6th actions to hold an annual event on the same day to combat domestic violence.

I wasn't expecting it, but I felt very moved by the whole vigil. That's the point really. But sometimes it can be easy to get somewhat blase about the whole thing--- if you study theory and look at issues of sexual assault from an analytic standpoint on a fairly regular basis. But then, when you consider something as horrible as a person walking into a university classroom and killing all the women simply because he hated the women for being women, and you think about how many people have violence inflicted upon them day in and day out. And the number of violations that people endure, and then continue to live their lives, enriching this world and filling others lives with joy.

It just fills me with horror, then awe and above all, respect for all the strong people that I've been fortunate to cross paths with.

[on a completely unrelated note: if you can get your hands on a copy of Paul Oakenfold's track "Starry Eyed Surprise", it just might be the pick-me-up you've been looking for]

December 6th, I think, affects all of the people who know / learn about it, somehow... if only in the most basic, human, way.

I'll be honest and say that I barely remember last year's December 6th Memorial... I remember the tint of Alistair's cheeks as the 'ceremony' progressed. And the look on Leah's face and how pale her knuckles were as she held the people on either side of her's hands. And what I was wearing. For some odd reason I remember what I was wearing.

And what was going on in my head.

The event is sort of becoming a symbol for anyone it has affected, in a 9/11 kind of way. Not that - sadly - women have a president who just won't let the population forget about it. But more because, due to its total and utter shock effect (I mean, who would seriously have THOUGHT that something like that could happen?) people -en masse- finally woke up and realised that enough is enough.

Or am I still living in my little SACOMSS bubble?


my first december 6th memorial involved copious amounts of tears. so did the second. i wasn't expecting it either time. both ken and alastair's speeches were so profoundly moving, so devastatingly human and yet strangely heartening. both years, i remember there being a debate between having personal speeches and more "objective" ones. i'm so glad we opted for the former.

honestly, last year, i thought i would be too caught up in the nervousness that comes with organization to be really emotional. but i was so wrong - i remember holding kitty's hand and hugging al and sitting silently with kate and louise as we all grappled with the vicious, senseless nature of gender violence.

god. this post is making me tear up. i miss SACOMSS and you girls so damn much.


at the risk of sounding like a "womyn": solidarity sistas! and solidarity with everyone else too... not just women... men, and anyone else (including any black transmen in wheelchairs--- that one's for you auri). auri and steph, you know i love you both to pieces.
something i forgot to put in my original post: tonal ecstasy's rendition of "everybody's free" was utterly amazing. jameel: i wish you could've been there. faiz recorded it so i hope it came out well... but anyway, that made me want to cry.


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Thursday, December 01, 2005

If you feel like gettin' your study on tonight...

McLennan Library is filled with women. Beautiful, young, nubile women. If you like Ugg Boots, ass-hugging "yoga" pants, low riding sweat pants, hair styled at Salon Tonic, and perfect breasts. Come join me. It's a wild time.

And mighty distracting when you're trying to write a paper for a feminist political theory course. How I love my higher education. Don't get me wrong, women should dress how they want, and I shouldn't really judge. But [wo]man, why are the gender ratios at this school so ridiculously skewed?

i laughed. i called them the "sosh" girls. check out their coursepacks sometime - i guarantee they'll be in "the sociology of development" or something.


hey - I resent that!

I took sociology of development :(.

Then again, I now rock ugh boots, so hey.



now now... we all know this is a phenomena that cuts across departments and faculties ;) and steph... your ugg boots have total street cred since you're going to australia soon.


no offense meant steph. *i* was a soc major at mcgill, remember? ;)


auri - none taken, of course!

zha - yeah, Australia... no doubt Al will laugh me off the tarmac when he sees me walk into the country with those on in the middle of summer!



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Revenge of the Robotsaurus

Yoshimi - get out the big guns... because the Robot Expo is here. And damn are those machines looking fine.

apologies for the recent lack of fruitful posting. the videos are therapeutic after hours spent studying, i hope you will enjoy them as i do ;)

sending you a robot hug from Hokkaido!

miss ya bebe!


miss you too, ma belle! robot hugs remind me of you and lazar in first year :) beautipul!


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