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Monday, January 09, 2006


where do we go when our heads are elsewhere and our hearts are bursting with the things that we consider to make ourselves human?
there's a place in my left ventricle for you.
and one also in my lung.
when the words cease to flow from my mouth, i'll come find you there.
in a dream of crimson and fresh air.
and i may grow to tell you that rent in those places won't come cheap, but if you cross my chest and tiptoe in with me, hand-in-hand, perhaps we can both live there
for free.

[photographer: jameel]


I just got all fuzzy and speechless.

I'm assuming you won't be needing the recipe now, huh?

giggles, steph


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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pocket Rocket

In with the new and out with the old. With the rest of the cliches that come with the beginning of the new year, I can't help but wonder what the best way to usher in 2006 will be. On the list of resolutions/expectations/goals/pipe dreams:
Feel free to hold me to these rather modest goals. Now that I've written them down I feel like Oprah would be proud. If I were more imaginative I would have something up here like Mark's list of 100 things to do "before I die".
I've been back in Montreal for a few days now. Home was wonderful, relaxing and warm. My hometown has this inexplicable power to draw me in, making me not want to let go of that cocoon of familiarity. The cocoon of family that envelops me as soon as I walk through the door of our home.
At the same time, when I return to Montreal, I wonder how I could ever possibly leave the big city without missing it terribly.

In other news: to fulfill my McGill/Urbanite-wannabe requirements, I purchased a cell phone over the holidays. I love new toys, so much fun. Next on the list... digital camera, i-pod, star trek like headset and accessories for the aforementioned mobile, and a hover board!


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