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Friday, April 28, 2006

If South Park were to do a live action bit...

... this is what it would look like.

although i don't believe that they've taken on Erap, these shots of his supporters would really work well i think. i can just imagine that episode: GMA would be ridiculously tiny (true to life). Erap would be pimpin' and a game show and pageant would be involved. maybe we should pitch this to matt stone and trey parker...

hehehe - and I hate to say it, but chances are many many nannies would be skewering dogs alongside Kenny in a park picnic.


Dogeaters (the book, that is) is really really great.


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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

home again, home again...

...jiggity jig! (as the old nursery rhyme goes).

Yes, I'm back in Guelph. Sleeping in my loft bed in my bedroom which is now filled with the debris of my life -- childhood bedrooms can be like a weird time warp. The binomial theorem from my grade 12 math class is still inscribed on my whiteboard above my desk. A stack of my high school yearbooks that Aaliyeh must have pulled out at some point is beside me on my desk. There are also two huge plants that have taken up residence in my absence as well as piles of my sister's stuff. It's strange to think that I'll be back here next September (or October possibly), but either way, I'll will be returning. I haven't lived at home in close to three years. The last time was summer of first year and following that I stayed in Montreal. Sometimes with regrets and sometimes without. But all that time I can't help but feel (with that 20/20 vision that hindsight gives) that I was running away from something. Not to say that home was something to run away from, that was not it at all. Home is not a source of unpleasantness for me, it's warm and comfortable and luxurious really. But I wanted to stand on my own two feet (even though mommy and daddy are still paying for rent). And I didn't want to come home just because *they* wanted me too. Also, coming home in some senses to me, meant acknowledging that I had a responsibility to them, as their daughter, to be there, in case they needed me-- and in my mind they shouldn't be needing me-- I was their baby and if anything it should be the other way around.

In any case, summers in Montreal are inifinitely more action-packed than ones in southwestern Ontario. right?

I've forgotten where I've wanted to go with this meandering thought. The resistance that I feel to being at home is still there. I want to be here, but I don't want to be here. I want my independence (or rather, play time!), but I love being with my family. And yet, there is still that nagging selfish part of me that just wants to run away from it all, because running away means deferring acknowledgement to a later time or at the very least, that comfort zone called denial.

heh... the "only child" in me rears its ugly head.

It's Mama's birthday today. I almost forgot, which is absolutely horrible, but remembered last night and wished her after she picked me up from the train station and we were sitting at the kitchen table having a midnight snack. Aa and I spent the afternoon running around the park with a soccer ball and then we went shopping for some gifts. We had Indian food at the new Diana (and kulfi for dessert!). It was very nice and I think she enjoyed it. There's something absolutely incredible about the strength of mothers, no matter what, it's incomparable. A lot has changed since I last inhabited my room with my loft bed and binomial theorem... but yet the "glue" in the familial system is constant-- keeping us in line and sane, and loving.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

"making love to you was never second best.."

In the midst of the Cuban Revolution... I have created a sweet little playlist. Hopefully it will help me do well on my exam on Monday. Here's something all of your Mp3 devices. This mix is specially dedicated to my cousin, Minelle who generally has awful taste in music.... but who introduced me to a couple of the songs below...

1. Simon and Garfunkel - "Feelin' Groovy"
2. Bob Marley ft. Lauryn Hill - "Turn your lights down low"
3. Bille Holiday with Louis Armstrong - "My Funny Valentine"
4. Nick Drake - "Pink Moon"
5. Annie Lennox - "A Whiter Shade of Pale"
6. Everything But the Girl - "Protection"
7. Nouvelle Vague - "I'll Melt With You"
8. Sophie B. Hawkins - "Damn, I wish I were your lover"
9. David Gray - "Bablyon"
10. Esthero - "Heaven Sent"

hehe, that sophie b.hawkins song reminds me of being in 4th grade! i've never heard annie lennox's version of "white shade of pale" but that is one of my favourite songs. and nick drake...sigh. what can i say? i always try to include him on mixes i make for other people. :)


mmm. esthero - yummy


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Thursday, April 20, 2006

saving sacomss

here are the long awaited photos from the SACOMSS protest that happened at McGill a few weeks ago. some of them are from the GGFS blog, others i took myself. as i was getting signatures for our petition at the roddick gates, i was pleased to meet a former outreacher who told us that he was a volunteer back in the 90s when the outreach branch first started out.

"Oh wow! you were in Outreach? We're in Outreach! What's your name?"


"We're having a rally at 2 pm today if you want to come"

"Oh, sorry I can't, I'm late to meet a professor"

"Oh okay, well, you can have a free ribbon or condoms if you like"

"[laughs] I just got married so that's taken care off. Do you guys still use the dialogue at the beginning of outreaches?"

"you mean the Cop Scene? Yeah, we still use that sometimes. Hey.. can i get your contact information?

"Sure. But not on the petition though"

"That's fine. Here, write it on this"

After he signed the petition, I handed him flyer for the rally with a pen. When he handed it back, I looked down to see that he had written his name, Justin Trudeau, and his phone number.

gah! I could hear that story over and over and over.

As much as my mother loves my current honey, I think she would still suggest adultery if it meant I got anywhere near the Trudeau jewels.



this might trump the singapore story. scratch that - it definitely does.


wow.. you think the trudeau jewels trump the singapore story? i always thought the singapore story was like a SACOMSS miracle and triumph! hihi!


Hehehe - you don't want my take on that...

But right now? Jewels of any kind would trump Asia.

But that's just me.

And I have a feelign I will bite my tongue as soon as I press post.


yup, there you go.

I just bit it.


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like so many things

the trickling time and beat pounds out
the joy of revellers in the sunday afternoon sun
and the 2/4 time of domesticated anxiety growing in my ribcage

if you stay out of the pool too long (and it's a pool not an ocean), you forget how to swim
or think you've forgetten, realizing once you've swallowed a few cups of water
that arms and feet can indeed be coordinated

as with the mind and the heart
and like so many things
momentary elation is just that


ceasing what might be so terrifyingly believable
rendering weak the strong
and strengthening what previously was only seen as weak

there are too many threads here to sew
my fingers are nimble
my eyes capable of seeing

deep reds and oranges, velvety blues and lush greens
soft yellows and blue dawns laced with gold.
changes so sudden are not so abruptly
fitting, fit in time with chronological instances

kept hidden
lest i seek.

here. without your help, and my willful blindness.

zhaleh, please never stop writing poems.

you never cease to amaze me!


p.s. my prof said i can hand it in tomorrow, even if it isn't done (for part marks). THANK GOD!!! and thank you for talking some sense into me.


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

so much to say... so much to say...

yesterday was the last day of school. it was my last day of my B.A. (well, not counting exams). classes finished for me last thursday, so i spent the day, fittingly, protesting against my now, alma mater's administration. the SACOMSS protest and rally was a great success as a demonstration i thought. a HUGE turnout by mcgill standards and very attention grabbing and effective. i'll post photos soon.

i'm about to go to bed right now... but i promise. more soon. really. i feel like everything's moving so fast, ending and beginning at the same time. and yet, i'm still the same person just blurring through and moving into new spaces and feelings and beings. being... not a student. being...
heh. just be.

(by calvin and hobbes).

don't forget to support SACOMSS

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fire With Water

It's that time of year again. SACOMSS is having its annual art show. I don't have a piece in it this year, but I'm especially proud of the Awareness Through Art Program that Leah and I coordinated together. The girls at Programme Mile End and The Study did a phenomenal job on their art pieces. I hope you can all come to the show tonight (Thursday night). Below is our poster, you can click on it to see the bigger version. Props to Steph for her beautiful photography.

wish i could be there! and that's a BEAUTIFUL poster.. really really stunning.


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