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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Day 3 (post-training)

It was my third day of work today. I'm exhausted from getting up at what were previously "un-godly" hours. But it has all paid off, and rather prematurely, but wonderfully. The story I pitched about the Filipina domestic who fell into a coma and woke up to find that she could be deported, was so compelling to the CBC people that it went from a story on the Montreal morning show to a national news story on the World at Six and As it Happens. I can't believe it. And I'm sooo happy... some of my life ambitions have now been fulfilled. Ha. I'll get the links up here soon. Now I need to go to bed.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the mail robot and a graduation celebration

today was my second day as an intern for CBC radio. the first day was overwhelming, as was today. yesterday i was nervous as all hell about the fact that the three other interns (two girls and a guy) were older than me. i was also nervous that i wasn't good enough, that i wouldn't be able to mould my creative process and writing and productive skills into CBC worthy shapes and morsels. i felt like the "media world" was slightly insane with its emphasis on "pitching" stories and getting the audience perpetually interested. or as havoc, our gzowski internship trainer (yes, his name is havoc) informed us our role is to "entertain, inform and enlighten" which is straight from the canadian broadcasting act. being in the tower is funny, i'm sure i'll never be able to listen to the radio again without "hearing" how the story was put together. i also am learning to stretch my mind in new and exciting ways. to be honest, i don't think i've been this challenged in any of my university classes, which says something, but at the same time, is unsurprising since this experience: being with three other interns and the instructor is a much more intimate dynamic than even the two graduate seminars i took this past year.

if there's anything that fascinates me about the CBC its the mail robot that travels the building--- alone and beeping. periodically stopping in offices, carrying parcels and weaving deftly around corners and through hallways. aside from the robot (steph: please let lazar know about my blog if he doesn't already... cause that was for him!), theres' the whole learning experience which, as cliched as it sounds has totally changed my outlook on how i think and has also shown me how nervous and insecure i feel when put in new, and unfamiliar situations.

today however, was different from yesterday. havoc laughed at me when i told him i thought yesterday was intense. he said today would be way worse since we were critiquing each other's writing. we spent the afternoon looking at stories that we had prepared the night before. line by line, we dissected and gave each other constructive criticism and suggestions. again, i was nervous as hell, but not as perturbed as some of the others seemed. i chalk this up to my father--- who while infinitely supportive of anything i do, will always offer constructive criticism to my work (whether solicited or not). i guess i expected it and i felt like maybe it just didn't bother me as much. and for that i'm lucky.

i still have my homework assignment to do... i just may post it when it's finished. i have to write a story based on something from a personal experience. i haven't mentioned that the stories (and these are writings that are meant to be read ("performed") on radio) are supposed to be only 1 minute long... that adds to the difficulty of it all. as far as how i'm feeling about the training so far? it's wonderful, it's absolutely wonderful and i really feel like my brain is working--- which is exhausting at times but also comforting. i feel as though i'm beating the academic style out of my body. university atrophies writing style and creative limbs and muscles. this way i'm beating another discipline (media writing) into my soul, but if i'd have to choose one evil it might as well be the one that might be able to touch people regardless of background or skill level. radio writing in that sense, is hard as hell, but seems to also be very accessible.

on another note, i finally had a graduation celebration--- a surprise one at that. no party or anything. just a lovely and warm evening dinner with my cousin minelle (my hero and life-time mentor who read me words out of the dictionary as she cradled me in her arms as an infant). i arrived at her house this evening and she had cooked me a delicious meal. she got me a nice gift and wrote me a touching graduation card. then for dessert she pulled out a chocolate mousse with my name on it and fresh berries. i love that woman so much! spending time with her really made me start to think about the "end" of my university era... very strange to think that i wont be in school next fall. but then, i've reminisced about that enough on this space.

i have to get back to my assignment... but i'll keep you posted.

well, it all sounds interesting, at least. i wonder if you'll run into my old landlord judy? she works with CBC radio.


hun - I stopped reading at 'Lazar'... have you had any news from him? I have an odd hunch his compass broke in the jungle and he's still lookign for his way by listening for the canal...

Actually, I heard some juicy tsismis, but not from him... I think he's busy ;). This blog might distract him from tropical nights [sigh, tropical nights... ok, off to a cold shower i go]


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Monday, May 01, 2006


It's May Day today, marking protests all over the United States (in particular) in support of immigrant and immigrant labourers, especially those who are without status or papers. I for one am being a big hypocrite and am starting work today... but please support those who are struggling if you can. It's being called "A Day without Immigrants", much like the documentary, "A Day Without Mexicans".

oh man, how could I forget to mention that? thanks for the reminder!

hugs, and have fun on your first day bebe!

love, steph


funny, i had total guilt after i read *your* mayday post, which prompted my own.

also, i wish you could be here.. you would love it!



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