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Thursday, June 29, 2006


it's interesting to see how different people deal with it. i don't. or at the very least... not very well. and so far the transitions i've had to make in my life haven't been particularly difficult or earth-shattering. there's always plenty of support and love to go around. today at work we interviewed twinkle rudberg.... great name huh? she's the founder of an organization called LOVE (leave out violence). it's a youth violence prevention organization that has become widely successful across the country and in new york city too. in the 1970s her husband was stabbed to death by a troubled 14 year old as he was trying to retrieve a purse that the kid had just stolen. thinking about how someone could bounce back from something like that and turn it into something so positive for young people is just amazing... totally awe inspiring.

right about now, the only thing awe-inspiring about my situation is the amount of junk that i've managed to collect over the course of 4 years... junk that i've "neglected" to throw away. i'm packing up my apartment at 1735. bye bye crack heads and daytime drunkards... at least for now. i'll be a plateau girl for the rest of the summer. tomorrow jameel and i will be driving to toronto, then to guelph in a rental van. road trip out of necessity... i hope the traffic won't be too bad.

packing up this place and looking at all the bits and pieces of paper (because that's what most of the crap is) i've seen how much my life has changed. i dug through and found my lease for solin. old phone bills. random artwork done by my sister. i found birthday cards given to me in first year. photographs where we all look so hilariously young. course packs that i never actually read. thank you cards from the numerous (international) guests that have stayed in my various apartments. cuttings of the pedigree girls. and of course, the first love letter my boyfriend ever sent me.

i'm going to miss this place come august.


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