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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mi casa es su casa...

i have a new set of four walls to call my own-- next to the gay bathhouse, and it is starting to feel like home. i have a tiny window and digital cable in my room-- so a view of the world really. the apartment is small but cozy. and gabi and christine are sweet and lovely. it's nice to come home to people... usually many many people. christine's parents were here for a few days last week. lover(s) are randomly here. right now i'm alone watching the news on my new other roommate: the TV. i love it.

i've been so neglectful of dear blog. i've been running around a lot, that i haven't had a lot of time to think about what i've been doing and what i will be doing in the next weeks. the internship is wonderful, and it's hard to believe that it's almost 3/4 over. steph is arriving back to montreal really soon. jameel's going to victoria. and i'm going to be leaving the city soon. and living back at home--- whew... we'll see how it all works out. for now i'm just relishing the ride. trying to keep my head level and enjoying everything that comes my way.

on another note, cinema du parc is closing. i have pangs of guilt for not having gone there in several months. jameel and i went a few weeks ago to see "the road to guantanamo". it's hard to believe that something that was such a big part of my first few years in montreal is going to be gone after august 3rd. heh... oh sweet memories.
perhaps something cool will emerge in its place. i'm going there tonight, and i hope i will enjoy it.

and so the transition continues. i'm just so thankful that i LOVE LOVE LOVE my job.
more stories soon... promise.

I actually learned the nearly-tragic news through a fellow JET's blog... it's like the day the Palace closed...

see you soon belle!


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