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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

my sister is a womyn...

or so she tells me that her english teacher gave her heck for using that spelling--
and that her history teacher insisted that there was no such thing as "herstory"--
this evening my sister recounts this to me and says "uh.. hello, feminism!".

(i guess i've brainwashed her well).

i'm back home--- home
in the bustling metropolis that is this small town in south western ontario. it's not as bad as it might seem however. i sleep in every day and am happily unemployed. i loved my stint at our nation's public broadcaster--- but the radio news theme still gives me chills as it reminds me of the tight deadlines we faced everyday. i'll be content just to listen for now. not that the experience hasn't affected me in other ways. i suppose i'm one step close to media whoredom since the day of the dawson college shootings one of my first thoughts was: "wow... this is a great day for the newsroom". not that the events of the 13th didn't send it's own chills down my spine or make me feel sad. what a terrible tragedy. what's super creepy is the killer's journal stayed online (and could still be there) for a few days after--- somehow i felt compelled to read it--- but it just made me really sad that he could be so disturbed and not have anything to make him happy in life.


back here at home montreal feels so close and yet so far away. in many ways it feels like i never left for mcgill-- and yet, last night i spoke to gabi and had a pang of yearning for our evening walks to the american apparel on saint denis. i miss sushi shop, and walking down st laurent, and getting pinoy groceries in cote des neiges, and going to tams, spontaneously going to concerts, and random meetings with friends that turn into day-long hangouts.

i love being with my family though-- sometimes they drive me up the wall, but less so lately it seems. i'm back in the fold and they're (my parents) are also adjusting to me being "an adult"-- well maybe not entirely-- but it's not bothering me. i'm heading off to victoria early next month to visit jameel-- a good solid 18 days of r and r by the ocean should be great!

r 'n' r?? more like c 'n' c, woMAN! muah ha hahahahahah..


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